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Entertainment 22 January, 2018


Since the death of Johnny Hallyday, the man of her life, the family of Laeticia suggest that she has no more taste in anything, including food. One day, the young woman had bravely spoke out about this illness that has long eaten away, anorexia. Today, in the face of the most painful tests, she will have to lead and win this new fight against itself.

It doesn’t work. Nothing. This node, there, in the throat, empty hollow stomach… Laeticia knows. She knows too well what ill-being to face reality. Anorexia. She has spoken publicly, one day. To help others, all those young girls who often live it in the silence. She also knows that it never heals really. You can learn to control, to manage, but a deep pain vienna disrupt your life, and then it is all a delicate balance teetering.

The last months of the illness of Johnny Hallyday, Laeticia don was already thinking of more to eat. Tour exclusively to the one she knew from forever, his man to it. Since the death of the rocker, this was confirmed : anorexia lurking again, like a scavenger who never leaves the quite peace of his prey.

One does not become suddenly anorexic. This pathology is treatable, but no cure. In December 2009, Laeticia Hallyday confided in Her : “This sickness is far behind me, I’m sure. But, when I get worried, when something is bothering me, I can’t swallow. “A few years later, in Paris Match, she stated :” Has any proof, I only fed me more, I don’t drink. I can lose 5kg in a week. Each time, I wonder where the body and the spirit find the strength to get up.

Laeticia explained the beginnings of his illness. She was 14 years old. His father, who was already divorced from his mother, was unable to bounce back after a disappointment in love. He let himself die. The teen then decided to help, to get out of there. But at this age, the age at which normally one must, above all, build yourself, take to arms the body of an adult suicide is not without consequence. His father comes out. And Laeticia plunges. At the time, few people know that anorexia is a real disease.

Without any self-esteem, Laeticia will find Johnny Hallyday the loving gaze and primordial, which will help it rebuild. She will also find with him a man who, like his father, has a fragility that allows him to feel useful. “One day, Johnny said to me : “thanks to exist “, she explained to Marie Claire. It is the most beautiful gift that he gave me. It means that he needs me to live. It is fabulous to be on earth for someone.

Today Laeticia is only. After Saint Barth, she joined his property in Los Angeles. Of course Jade and Joy rely on their mom-and she has never let go not-of course Grandma Rock who knows on the tip of the heart to his granddaughter to sleep, but Laeticia is known that the real and only answer, the ultimate force, it must find in itself. Years of readings, meditation, help him. Of years of analysis, also. She must find the ” want to want “. Same without him.

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