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Entertainment 11 January, 2018


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A little over a month after the death of Johnny Hallyday, would there have already been tensions within the clan ? Between Laeticia Hallyday and Estelle Lefebure, the relationship would be degraded. While we had seen both very touched and united in the tribute to Johnny in the Madeleine, at Saint-Barth, just would not be simple between the two women, according to our colleagues from Closer.

On 9 December, on the parvis of the church of the Madeleine, they were all there to say a last goodbye to Johnny. Laeticia, of course, surrounding his daughters Jade and Joy, Laura and David, the two grown children of Johnny, but also Sylvie Vartan and Nathalie Baye, and friends of the star. This also, Estelle, the former daughter-in-law of Johnny, who has kept good relations with all the family. On this day, the clan gave the image of a family united in sorrow. A month after, already, there seems to be flaws in this beautiful arrangement.

Sylvie Vartan first, large missing Johnny’s funeral at Saint-Barth, whose about to react, Jean-Claude Darmon, the great friend of the star. For its part, Laeticia took refuge on his island, surrounded by his loved ones Yarol Poupaud, Sébastien Farran, the manager of the Taulier, Jean Reno, the sponsor of Jade, Hélène Darroze, one of his closest friends. Saint-Barth also, during the celebration of the end of the year, Estelle Lefébure, who has his habits on the island, and took the opportunity to visit with Pascal Ramette, the father of her son, Giuliano.

In photographs circulated in the press, she was seen in the company of his son, Jade and Joy, and their nanny, spend some time all together at the beach. Absence noted : that of Laeticia, cloitrée her home since the disappearance of Johnny, coming out of the house to visit his grave. And if, between the two women, tensions had appeared ? According to information from Closer published this Thursday 11 January, she would want to speak with Estelle Lefébure, the ex-wife of David Hallyday, the son of the rocker.

This last would not have paid a visit to Laeticia Hallyday since the tragedy. The widow of the Taulier would have even been upset to know that Estelle Lefébure has spent this day at the beach, without it, with his son Giuliano, and in the company of Jade and Joy. Another example of their frosty relations, the fact that Laeticia had intentionally avoided crossing Laeticia by hiding in his car while the woman in the rocker is gathered on his grave.

Since the death of Johnny Hallyday, Laeticia is in pain. Still under the shock of losing the man of her life, she spends her days in the Villa Jade, coming out only to go to the grave of his man or running errands. Gradually, Jade and Joy – who have been out of school after having been subjected to the ridicule of their peers – are the smile at the edge of the sea, very surrounded by Yarol Poupaud, Hélène Darroze, but also the mother of Laeticia and Grandmother Rock. The relatives of the widow take turns to take care of the girls. Soon, the family will leave in California, where Jade and Joy can return to a normal life, at the lycée français in Los Angeles.

Photo credit : Denis ALLARD-POOL/SIPA

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