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Entertainment 16 January, 2018


Before dying, Johnny Hallyday was working on his last album, he had already saved between eight and nine titles. The release of the album, which is scheduled for June 2018, could well be advanced.

Ca is there, Laeticia Hallyday and her daughters Jade and Joy are spread to Los Angeles, joining their nest to Pacific Palisades. In the United States, where Johnny Hallyday was not the sacred cow that it is in France, the family can return to a normal life and grieve with dignity.The widow of the rocker suffers however from having to leave Saint Barth, it is a truly heart-breaking to leave this paradise island where she spent her vacations with her man, where the latter is buried in the shade of the palm trees, facing the sea, in the cemetery of Lorient. Leave the place where her husband rests gives him the ” feeling of abandoning her man , “said Laeticia Hallyday, according to VOD.

In the United States, life will resume its short. Jade and Joy will return to school at the lycée français in Los Angeles. The wife bereaved, meanwhile, will focus on the preparation of the album that was being worked on Johnny Hallyday before his death, surrounded by Sebastien Farran, manager of the rocker, Yodelice, as well as the artistic director of Mercury Bertrand Lamblot. About nine titles have been registered by the star. The release of the album was scheduled for June 2018, it could be advanced, according to VOD. “We’re going to all will give courage for Johnny to be proud of us,” she encouraged relatives, according to the weekly.

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