Laeticia Hallyday : Despite the anxiety attacks, it provides for Jade and Joy Gala

Entertainment 29 January, 2018

Death of Johnny Hallyday

Take the hit, without Johnny. This is the mission of Laeticia Hallyday, now that she is back in Los Angeles with his daughters. For Jade and Joy, she did everything to make a good figure and hide her sadness.

Since a few days already, Laeticia Hallyday is back in Los Angeles. By necessity more than by choice – it is an obligation for it to maintain its status as a u.s. resident – the widow of Johnny Hallyday was forced to move out of Saint-Barth and the grave of her husband, on which she has left an object very symbolic. A real heartbreak for the former model who was in the habit to go there every day, but a good thing, perhaps, for his daughters. Jade and Joy, in fact, have been reunited with their friends and especially the benches of the school, without being dévisagées by their comrades, as has been the case in Saint-Barthélémy.

After several months working with a tutor, the two girls have taken up the path of the lycée français de Los Angeles, where they study anonymously. The return to the United States was also a will to Johnny, who had made plans with his wife about the education of their daughters. However, for Laeticia, nothing matters more than to respect the last wishes of the man of her life. But this is not without difficulty, according to the magazine Tv Star, who says thatshe is a victim of many crises of anguish, that it overcomes not to worry about his children, his rock in the face of this challenge.

To deal with and changing the ideas, Laeticia Hallyday, however, the bread on the board. First priority : completing the album posthumous the Taulier, which should be out before the summer. Maxim Nucci in charge of the project, has moved to Los Angeles and is already working on the final arrangements. A good way to make a last tribute to the rocker, and to make pleasure to its fans : this disc promises to be a great success.

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