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Entertainment 18 January, 2018


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With them, it is the serious, the sacred. Laeticia Hallyday, Emmanuel Macron, Charlotte Gainsbourg : their ring, necklace, bracelet, this is not bling, it’s a little bit of their secret garden. Fragile, handle with care.

“Beyond the aesthetics of the object, there is an attachment to an event, the person who has offered,” said Caroline de Benoist, who has created her line of jewelry a year ago and whose passion for ornament is revealed during a trip to Bali. The actress Charlotte Gainsbourg is inseparable from his watch, a gift from his father at the time was a guard-time to young girls for life. The model Bath in rose gold, signed Cartier leaves and never the wrist of the actress.

“There is a sacred dimension in the jewel, he conjures the ill-fate “, continues the designer. Four-leaf clover, hand of Fatma, dragon… medals, and other charms to the protective powers is back in force in the great jewellery houses such as in costume jewelry. But this aura of magic is sometimes due only to the person who had brought it, and then gave. ” My husband (actor, comedian, and magician Olivier de Benoist, editor’s note) keep my alliance to the bottom of his pocket when he goes on stage. One day, he has forgotten it at home and he had to go and recover from any emergency moto-taxi so that he could play, ” says Caroline de Benoist.

These talismans speak only of love, of attachment, of this bond that even death cannot undo. Laeticia Hallyday wears and lovingly the pendant of Johnny since the disappearance of the singer. A reproduction of the famous crucifix adorned with a guitar, performed at the request of a fan, sells as hotcakes. Its author, Sébastien De Matos, jeweler of thirty-five years installed in Saint-Priest, near Lyon, imitated very accurately, except that his Christ has the traits of the idol of young people.

Some of the ornaments, surprisingly called “jewelry ” slavery”, take the value all along the life. “Every marriage, every birth, in necklace or bracelet, these trinkets were enriched to a rank extra. Their value is increasing at the same pace as the burden for the family , “explains Anne Dresden, exhibition curator at the museum of decorative Arts and co-author of the book, Medusa, jewelry and taboos (ed Paris Museums).

Thus, this is not one, but two alliances that door Emmanuel Macron. Enough to power all the rumours during the period between the two rounds of the presidential election (see above). Other figures wear their jewelry like a declaration of independence. Similar to the ‘ right-hand diamond rings “, a fashion born in full prohibition, and surrender to the taste of the day by Liz Taylor or Natalie Wood who were wearing their diamonds, paid for by their own money, with the right hand. You said fantasy ?

The secrets behind their jewellery heart

. The two alliances of Emmanuel Macron
Its two rings bind to one and the same woman, his wife, Brigitte. The mystery has been pierced by the journalist Anne Fulda, author of Emmanuel Macron, a young man so perfect (ed Plon). That represents the second ? “I’ve offered when he went to Nigeria (during his studies at the Ena, ed.) “, revealed the first lady.

. The engagement ring of Lady Di
The famous sapphire of 18 carats offered to Diana by prince Charles has been spotted by the young woman in the catalog of the house Garrard Jewellers. The princess of Wales will wear the ring until his divorce, in 1996. This is the finger of Kate Middleton that the jewel has found a second life when her engagement to prince William.

. The pendant Laeticia
On the day of the tribute popular made by Johnny Hallyday at la Madeleine, Laeticia had appeared emblazoned on his black sweater the crucifix adorned with a guitar that never left the singer. A piece of jewellery that she keeps from continually to his neck, near the heart.

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