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Entertainment 30 January, 2018


Laeticia Hallyday has lately had to leave the island of Saint-Barthelemy to find his home located in Los Angeles. A painful return to the young mother of a family. Fortunately, it will soon be able to count on the visits from his friends on the occasion of the holiday of February.

These last few days have been particularly hard to live for Laeticia Hallyday. The woman in the rocker had to leave the island of Saint-Barthélémy and the grave of her late husband to reach his house in Los Angeles, so that she can keep her status as a u.s. resident. In leaving, the young mother of a family was obliged to leave on the grave of her man, a symbolic object : a pretty light string.

In spite of serious anxiety attacks, Laeticia continues to hold out for his two little girls adore, Jade and Joy, who have recently returned to school. Fortunately, mother and girls are not alone in facing the pain. Laeticia can count on her many relatives to help and support. According to a list revealed by our colleagues from Télé Star, several friends would come to watch over Laeticia and daughters during the upcoming holiday of February. The young mother will be able to count on the support of his friend the head of Hélène Darroze and her daughters. The businessman Gérard Darmon, as well as Yarol Poupaud and his girlfriend, Caroline de Maigret are also expected to make the trip in the direction of Los Angeles. Attendance is very valuable to the young mother, who, surrounded by love, may be able to again soon smile again.

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