Laeticia Hallyday had spoken of the cancer Johnny to his look-alike during the tour of the Old Scoundrels Gala

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Johnny Hallyday had many look-alikes. Richy is part of it. A Fan of the first hour, he tells the magazine VSD that Laeticia Hallyday had spoken to him of the cancer of the rocker at a concert of the Old Bitches in Lille in June 2017.

The death of Johnny Hallday has plunged thousands of fans in immense sorrow. Among the most passionate, there Richy, the look-alike the most convincing of the rocker. In an interview given to the magazine VSD, he admits to having discussed with Laeticia Hallyday cancer of the singer during his concert des Vieilles Canailles in Lille, in June 2017. “After the concert des Vieilles Canailles where he (Johnny Hallyday) seemed to be very tired, Laeticia had told me that he was in chemo the day before , “says Richy. When asked if there was hope to see the taulier defeat the disease, the look-alike confess that it was very defeatist. “It was a long time that I knew that it would not be until Christmas.And then we saw the mouth of Eddy Mitchell at the output of the hosto ; he didn’t want to talk to anyone. It’s not wrong more. And he was gone, surrounded by his family,” loose-t-it.

However, many fans don’t realize that Johnny Hallyday has left them. Some went so far as to Saint-Barthelemy to collect on the tomb of the interpreter to Turn on the fire, where he decided to be buried. A desire that his wife be respected, to honor the memory of the rocker. Yet, many people think that Johnny Hallyday has never wanted this tomb on the island paradise.

Lastly, a word on the headstone of Johnny Hallyday has revived the controversy concerning the eternal rest of the rocker. “Why are you buried in St. Barts ? We are confident that this was not your will, you loved her too well to your audience… We will never have the answer. Go Johnny we think of you. Thank you for the twist and the rock, ” one can read there. Laeticia Hallyday maintains have respected the wishes of her husband and not to be betrayed. More than fans, some close friends of Johnny Hallyday are astonished that it is buried in the French west Indies. Starting with his first wife, Sylvie Vartan, who regretted that he would be buried so far from those who love him so much.

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