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Entertainment 20 December, 2017


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Laeticia Hallyday has never hidden his two young little girls Jade and Joy. The mother of this family of 42-year-old has always chosen to tell the truth to his daughters about the health problems of their father.

After months of fighting against the illness, Johnny Hallyday is gone at the age of 74 years. Upset, Laeticia had to announce to the whole of France that she had lost the man of her life, the most famous rockers French. The mother of this family of 42-year-old has also said to his two little girls Jade and Joy, respectively aged 13 and 9 years, their father had left this world. Gently, with love, Laeticia has then attempted to find the right words to announce this terrible news to his daughters. In the Face of hardship, the young mother has always decided to be honest with his daughters.

Already in 2009, Laeticia Hallyday had decided to do nothing to conceal about the health problems of their father. In spite of the young age of Jade, the mother of the family has always opted for sincerity. “Joy is too little to understand, but why lie ? I told Jade that her dad had been operated on. As soon as this was possible, she visited him in the hospital. The smile of his father reassured. They shared a meal and watched a DVD together. And then I explained to him that “daddy needs to rest”, and that she and her sister were going to spend a few days with my mother in the South. I had peace of mind, I knew my girls happy and, well, I’ve been able to stay with my husband every moment ” had entrusted the young woman to our colleagues from Paris Match.

Loving, caring, Laeticia has always said to his girls. Between them, there is no secret. “I talk a lot to my girls, I did not cache forever “, admitted it’s still Paris Match in 2013. “I explain things gently. The children are sponges. It is not necessary to lie to them, this can create damage, injuries later.” Absent at the funeral of their father, a desire for Laeticia to preserve them, the two girls are later collected on the tomb of the rocker, under the loving gaze of their mother. All three should stay in St-Barth until mid-January, before returning to live in Los Angeles.

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