Laeticia Hallyday, her struggle to become a mother : with Johnny Hallyday, they have lost a baby before the arrival of Jade – Gala

Entertainment 6 December, 2017


22-love, Laeticia and Johnny Hallyday have gone through many trials in their relationship. The hardest of them was their inability to conceive a child.

Laeticia Hallyday has lost the man of her life. Fell in love with Johnny 22 years ago, the young woman backed up until his last breath, made in the night from Tuesday 5 to Wednesday 6 December, in their home in Marnes-la-Coquette, near paris. Together, they have known happiness, but also a hell of a lot of trials, such as the inability to conceive a child and many miscarriages. “Anorexia is probably responsible for my infertility, said Laeticia Hallyday in the columns of Paris Match in 2013. I have been pregnant several times. I lost my last child at 4 and a half months of pregnancy. “A loss is extremely painful that she preferred to keep quiet, but that was quickly offset by the arrival of Jade in his life.

In the Face of the unwavering desire of maternity Laeticia, the couple made in 2004, in Hanoi, Vietnam to adopt a little girl of three, he prénommera Jade. One of the most beautiful moments of his life. “I would have liked that time stops at that moment. I had my little girl in her arms, I was mom, she said in 50mn Inside in may 2016. I so wanted to be a mom that it was unreal for me. “Filled with happiness, Hallyday will return to the vietnamese capital four years later, to find there their second daughter, Joy.

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