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Entertainment 12 January, 2018


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In a few days, Laeticia Hallyday and daughters will set foot on american soil. This is where the family owns a beautiful villa, away from prying eyes. If the family is leaving St Barth, it is also for administrative reasons. Explanations.

In a few days, Laeticia Hallyday leave St Barth with her daughters. With Johnny, Laeticia was installed at Pacific Palisades. In this neighborhood of millionaires, the family lived quietly. In the district where the neighbors will call Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg, Johnny passed almost unnoticed. An anonymous relative who is well suited to Laeticia and daughters Jade and Joy, educated at the lycée français in Los Angeles. If since September, due to health concerns Johnny, and the girls were home schooled, they will find the daily age. A St Barth, Laeticia had tried to return it to the school, but the cruelty of the other children had pushed to remove them from the school.

Of course Laeticia suffers to the idea of in addition to visit the grave of Johnny every day, but she organized everything with Sebastien Farran, manager of the Taulier, for that his grave is maintained and flowers every day, as he wished. In the United States, the family Hallyday has its habits. By offering for sale the villa Marnes-La-Coquette, it was logical that Hallyday’s move to LA, but this is another reason, more pragmatic, that grows Laeticia to cut short his trip to the west Indies. According to our colleagues from Closer, she has to be accountable to the american administration.

The widow of the rocker has in effect forced by the us immigration services to return to the united states. She even had to go back earlier, from the 28 November. But the health of Johnny in wanted otherwise. Non-green card holder, Laeticia should therefore always return to the United States. You do not mess with the administration.

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