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Entertainment 21 December, 2017


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Godmother of UNICEF, Laeticia Hallyday is an activist and humanitarian who has visited Cambodia several times to help the most needy. A country close to Vietnam, where were born Jade and Joy.

It is one of the roles of his life. Since 2004, Laeticia Hallyday is a patron of UNICEF, a regular participant in campaigns of a humanitarian character. In 2006, she had even recorded a cover of Imagine by John Lennon in duet with her husband : a single who had helped raise money to benefit the United Nations trust Fund for the Child. But it is on the ground that the wife of Johnny Hallyday was able to carry out its mission, travelling regularly to distant lands.

Madagascar, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Mozambique : Laeticia Hallyday is made in many countries to try to bring his support to the people and put his notoriety at the service of others. Among all these human adventures, and his expeditions in Cambodia have been the most significant. In 2009, Laeticia Hallyday is supported a strategy of survival and development of the child, which “covers the whole cycle of life, from the monitoring of the mother before the birth and until the care data then the baby” as we can read on the website of UNICEF. She had met mothers come to vaccinate their little ones.

Laeticia Hallyday was not exit unscathed from the trip to Cambodia, she éait passed by Angkor or Phnom Penh.” It made me a lot of good. In this place so full of spirituality, one realizes that on this Earth we are only of passage,”explained she, at the time, our colleagues from Paris Match.”I can’t believe it quite intact. More fragile and strong at once. Fragile, because I’m never as shocked as when I plunged my eyes in those children who are suffering. […] I like to go on the field and allow me, perhaps, to think that I am on to something. It’s my fight as a woman. Mom. There is no more noble cause than to build a future to a child,” she added about his humanitarian missions to the Far East.

Laeticia Hallyday is also very close to Vietnam, the country of origin of his two daughters adoptive Jade and Joy. With her friend Hélène Darroze, she has created The Beautiful star in 2011, an association with the objective to improve the living conditions and education of vietnamese children sick and/or orphaned.

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