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Entertainment 15 December, 2017


St-Barth, Laeticia has to try to ease tensions with the older children of her husband, who disappeared, David and Laura. The wife of Johnny Hallyday does everything to show a clan kingdom, knowing well that she will need them in the future to manage the legacy of the rocker.

Monday, December 11, was held the funeral of Johnny Hallyday in the cemetery of Lorient, on the island of Saint-Barthélemy. A thirty close to the rocker had taken a seat in a Boeing 757 to arrive on the scene. Of their sides, Laura Smet et David Hallyday had decided to join the island of the lesser Antilles by ” their own means “.

At the funeral home, Laeticia had subsequently found the two children of her deceased husband. And according to the information from Closer, ” Laeticia isolated himself with them around the coffin of Johnny, for a moment of communion as they had little experience in recent times “. David and Laura would have criticized Laeticia have prevented him from seeing their father on his return to his home in Marnes-la-coquette in November. The wife of Johnny then explained that it was not his decision but that of Johnny, who did not want his children to see if decreased. At the funeral, tensions seemed to have disappeared. Laeticia very proven has been able to count on the support of David for comfort.

Relations today allayed, Laeticia has understood that she needed the unity of his clan so that everyone would survive this ordeal. Good relations with the two elders of her husband, Laeticia Hallyday in also need to manage the legacy of the rocker disappeared. As the inheritors of the moral, David and Laura Smet have their say on the use of the image of their deceased father. Laeticia, an intelligent woman will know how to ease tensions, well aware that a division of the clans could harm him.

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