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Laeticia Hallyday, or how a granddaughter of a fisherman, raised in a village in the south of France, is become the companion and the wife of confidence to one of the most famous French artists.

All was not won in advance for the young Laetitia Boudou, far from it. As a child, it is to Vias, in the Hérault department, that she took her first steps. Very soon, her everyday life is, however, destabilized by her parents ‘ divorce. Ten years ago, Laeticia thus draws a line on the life of a family she has known so far. Three years later, she joined her father in the United States. André, the business man, heartbroken by a woman. Fortunately, his daughter is there to take care of him. During long months, Laeticia attends so that dad became depressed. To ensure his happiness and stay by his side as often as possible, she goes so far as to draw a line under his own tuition. ” I walked completely beat-up “, confided to Paris-Match years later. Because if his father is doing better, as a teenager, she has sunk into the anorexia. “I didn’t know what to do with me, I had no self-esteem.” At the time, the public speaks little of this evil. Laeticia is going to be hit.

At the age of 20 years, the young woman is not able to be detached from the evil that eats away, or the deep sadness that dwells in it. “I smile to make fun, but I didn’t love me “, she confesses in 2009 to Elle magazine. His salvation, she will find it almost by accident, a march 25, 1995. That evening, his father brings him dinner in the night club Amnesia in Miami. Johnny Hallyday is also. The rocker came to film a clip in the city. In spite of the thirty-two years that separate them, the young woman and the musician fall under the spell of one another. “We have experienced four days of passion in Florida. Then he left, recalls, Laeticia in the columns of Paris Match. At the end of a week, Johnny asked me to meet him at Paris. My father has taken me a return ticket and I never used the return. “A year later, the couple sealed the union to the town hall of Neuilly-sur-Seine, in front of Nicolas Sarkozy, then the mayor of the commune. Laeticia Boudou becomes Laeticia Hallyday. She is the fourth wife of Johnny.

“If I hadn’t known, I might not be here anymore today,” says the bride. Because at that time if love comes to light up their life a glimmer unexpected, Laeticia still suffers from anorexia. The price she will pay to the disease will also be terrible. “Anorexia is probably responsible for my sterility. I have been pregnant several times. I lost my last child at four and a half months of pregnancy. It was when we were going to host Jade, nobody knew anything” . Johnny Hallyday became at this period the main support of his wife. “I was doing non-stop trips to the hospital when Johnny came into my life. And he saved me “, she says with emotion. Together, the couple eventually push the anorexia. The arrival of the little Jade, in 2004, followed by that of the small-Joy, four years later, to feel a happiness without possible comparison with Laeticia Hallyday. Therefore, she resumes her life and that of her husband. It is now up to it to support Johnny in difficult times. During the hospitalization of the rocker, in 2009, the idol of young people, in turn, can rely on his wife. Laeticia became his rock. She even begins to manager her career. “It is she who has brought in musicians such as Matthieu Chedid or Yodelice. She became its artistic director , “explains the journalist Jean-Pierre Pasqualini. Therefore, the decisions are taken by two. What a journey for this little girl fishing from a small village in the south of France.

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