Laeticia Hallyday is ” shocked, devastated, abandoned, but it will be “, Muriel Robin gives news of his friend – Gala

Entertainment 9 December, 2017


A great friend of the couple, Muriel Robin has told to the mourning of Laeticia, a couple for 22 years with Johnny Hallyday. The icon French rock is dead at the age of 74 years and his wife is in shock. Very surrounded by his family, Laeticia has not appeared since the disappearance of her man. It will be highly anticipated this December, 9, place de la Madeleine, by the fans of Johnny.

Since his words are bonds of emotion, the night of the tragedy, Laeticia has not recurred. But the words leave no doubt about the immense sorrow experienced by Laeticia, who for 22 years was the lady of the heart of Johnny. Friend of the couple Hallyday, the actress Muriel Robin is back with sincerity to the emotion of the wife of Johnny, who passed away in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. Died at his home in Marnes-la-Coquette, the singer leaves millions of fans orphans. His wife, she seems to be scarred forever. The one who was her rock, her guardian angel for over 20 years, has lost the man of her life.

“Laeticia is shocked, she loved him infinitely the man. It is collapsed, it is down, it is abandoned, ” said the actress on BFMTV. And like to give a note of hope in the present chaos of his world, Muriel Robin says : ” It is well known that it will “. And to recover, Laeticia Hallyday can count on all the loved ones of the rocker. They came in large numbers to visit him at the Savannah to say goodbye to their friend and to comfort his widow, the last woman of his life. It is, moreover, died in his arms, at his home, after a deuxième respiratory weakness.

“Johnny, he didn’t know how to be loved” she continued, before paying tribute to Laeticia Hallyday. “If he had not met Laeticia 22 years ago, this ceremony, which will take place unfortunately Saturday would have taken place sooner,” explains Muriel Robin, describing the crucial role of the wife of the singer in his life and his career. The government has announced a “heartfelt homage” to Johnny Hallyday this Saturday on the Champs-Elysées. A ceremony on an unprecedented scale and the extent of the popularity of the idol.


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