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Entertainment 31 January, 2018


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Nearly two months after the death of Johnny Hallyday, the time has come to discuss financial questions. His wife and four children will have to share the legacy of the rocker. But everything will depend on the testament written by the singer before his death.

After months of battle against cancer, Johnny Hallyday is gone at the age of 74 years. Since his disappearance, his wife Laeticia tries to keep the head high and face up to his two little girls Jade and Joy. Fortunately, the young mother should not know of the financial problems. In fact, Johnny Hallyday, known for his way of life tremendous throughout his career, however, has left behind him an important legacy. But element is more complex : it will have to be shared between all the heirs of the moral and heritage of the singer, namely : Laeticia and daughters Jade and Joy, but also his first two children, David and Laura Hallyday. They will all need to together to share the real estate of the rocker : the four properties estimated at almost 50 million euros. It is also necessary to share the royalties.

The legacy of the rocker, a thorny issue which will have to quickly deal with Laeticia Hallyday. Despite the pain of having lost the man of her life, and the urgency to finish the album posthumous the Taulier, another mission awaits the widow. But still need to know where the testament of Johnny Hallyday has he been writing ?” Has there been drafted under american law, much more flexible and to disinherit the children of a first marriage or under the aegis of the French law, the more restrictive and protective ” asks the magazine Télé Star. As revealed recently, Renaud Belnet, the tax lawyer Johnny Hallyday, the sharing of the inheritance is likely to be very complex : “The folder is not simple : a blended family, heirs to the statutes of different tax, goods strewn everywhere, an international law and an international tax… decisions of the singer will certainly be subjected to the control of tax specialists of private law. “

For the time being, Laeticia Hallyday, since his arrival in Los Angeles, is busy with another important matter : the album posthumous the rocker. His last promise to her husband. For the help, Maxim Nucci is a valuable support to the young widow. Yarol Poupaud, but also Bertrand Lamblot, the artistic director of Warner, are also at his side to fine-tune this opus. Eight titles were recorded by the star before his death, and the arrangements should be finalized in the coming weeks. The album might come out the 15th of June next, the anniversary date of the famous rocker, even if some are media reports of an early exit in the spring.

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