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Entertainment 1 February, 2018

Laeticia Hallyday

Last march, Laetitia Hallyday was at length entrusted with Johnny Hallyday, her marriage, the happiness… about who to take yet another dimension, since the singer is off.

In full mourning, and then that, for the well-being of his daughters Jade and Joy, she tries to get life back to almost normal since the death of Johnny Hallyday,Laeticia each day the vacuum left by the disappearance of the one of whom she shared life for more than twenty years. Despite the criticism and teasing about their age difference, 32 years old, these two were found.

In an interview by Marie-Claire in march 2017, Laeticia Hallyday had even delivered a few keys to help understand the nature of their love and the balance that they had found. It evoked happiness, “the essence of our life,” she says. “I’ve often been afraid of happiness, it was explained it. I had the impression that I ran away still, I found it difficult to catch”. And Johnny changed everything. “And then I met my husband, I think we repaired all the two and we have learned what happiness”. Laetitia Hallyday said that both had learned each other to love themselves.

About happiness always, mom of Jade and Joy said that it “comes at a time when it is not expected,” adding that “pass through periods a little bit complicated allows you to enjoy it when it is there. If life is always smooth, but ultimately, we do not appreciate the sweetness of things”.

In this moment, this gentle, Laeticia is found in the moments shared with his daughters, as this walk on a place to California, shared yesterday on Instagram by one of her friends.

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