Laeticia Hallyday knew that this Christmas would be the last, but did not believe that Johnny “décèderait so sudden” – Gala

Entertainment 14 December, 2017


She would have liked to spend more time with him, make new memories. Laeticia Hallyday hoped to live one last Christmas with Johnny, their children, and the whole family.

The family of Laeticia and Johnny Hallyday trust. In the latest issue of Paris Match, published on Thursday 14 December, the intimate of the family, present and present in the plane to St. Barth’s, have unveiled a few details on the burial of the rocker on the hours that have preceded it, and on the state of Laeticia Hallyday. The wife of the singer does not expect that he would die so soon, and thought to be able to spend the holidays in his company, for one last Christmas as a family.

“For a year, she was placed at the service of Johnny,” says a close. She didn’t think it décéderait so sudden. She was really hoping to spend Christmas with family. Even though she knew that this would be the last… “. Unfortunately, the disease has decided otherwise. Johnny Hallyday is dead in the night of 5 to 6 December. After the tribute popular Saturday 9, he was buried in St. Barth on Monday, 11. “On the plane to St. Barth’s, Laeticia came to say a word to all the world. She took the time to express how much she had been touched by the ceremony of the Madeleine, the crowds on the Champs-Élysées, the bikers, ” said a friend of the family. Johnny would have loved to see all these bikers behind him. But it feels completely lost. She needs to tighten her daughters in her arms constantly. Jade and Joy and watch over it, instinctively. Their relationship is deeply moving. “Mother and the girls did let go, in fact, not a durable since the death of Johnny Hallyday.

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