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Entertainment 13 September, 2017


Laeticia and Johnny Hallyday have offered to accommodate the victims of hurricane Irma in their villa in St Barth. But finally, the wife of the rocker explains that he will have to do many repairs before it can come to help the inhabitants of the island. It is hoped that the work will be made faster.

It is their way to show how much they love this island and its inhabitants.Johnny and Laeticia Hallyday have made it clear that they had put their villa in St Barthelemy at the disposal of the disaster victims after the devastating passage of hurricane Irma. A beautiful gesture of generosity, for them who were there on vacation a few weeks ago again.


Discovering the consequences of the tragedy from Paris, the wife of rocker had quickly expressed her devastation on the social networks :I am crushed by this chaos, these images that come to me from all sides I tear the heart. This island, our paradise is being ravaged. After the amazement, we must be in solidarity this weekend to withstand better the passing of Jose, then will come the time to recover, to rebuild. Be careful my friends so dear to my heart, I am with you with all my strength.


Despite this momentum of solidarity, the situation is more complicated than expected, as Laeticia Hallyday tells in an interview to the magazine Paris Match to be published Thursday, 14 September. Our house is very damaged, but the structure standing, she explains. In a first step, therefore, of the inhabitants of the island were effectively able to shelter there. It was possible to shower, eat, rest. A real Noah’s ark ! It was our consolation…says the couple.


The relief was, however, short-term, for survivors of the cyclone. Unfortunately, on Monday, he had to close the villa Jade. Interventions are underway to reopen it to those who need it, regrets the Hallyday. Laeticia explained to Paris Match that the generator of the villa was let go, depriving the victims of hot water, light and hot meals. The couple is now waiting for the repairs to be made faster to be able to again come to help the inhabitants of St Barth.

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