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Entertainment 19 December, 2017


Despite the pain, the grief, life continues. Jade and Joy have returned to school the day after the burial of their father Johnny Hallyday. Their mother Laeticia is very proud of his girls, the two brilliant students.

The daily life of Jade and Joy has been shattered, shattered by the death of their dad. Johnny Hallyday is dead in the night of 5 to 6 December, leaving her two young daughters aged 13 and 9 years old orphan of father. First educated in Paris, where their parents were residing in Marnes-la-Coquette before the tragedy, they had changed institution when the rocker was buried in Saint-Barth, on 11 December. Since then, they have been living on this island paradise, to collect on the tomb of Johnny Hallyday, before leaving to live in Los Angeles, in mid-January.

Despite the event, Jade and Joy continue their schooling. They have returned to school since the day after the burial, and have joined the group school Mireille-Choisy, Jade in the college, and Joy in primary school, as we explain in the columns of the Gala, on newsstands Wednesday, 20 December. When they return to Los Angeles, it is at the French school they will consider.

The two small are excellent students, they are the pride of Laeticia Hallyday, who she had to leave school when she was a teenager to pursue a modeling career. The wife bereaved accompanies and goes to find his girls all day at school. Despite the pain, life goes on.

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