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Before his death, Johnny Hallyday has recorded several songs. An album posthumously, therefore, could go out next summer. At the helm of this project to be completed : Laeticia Hallyday, Maxim Nucci and the manager of the rocker Sébastien Farran.

Johnny Hallyday went on the 6th of December last at the age of 74 years. For months, the rocker has fought against lung cancer. Despite the illness, he was a regular in the studio. Johnny Hallyday would have recorded eight titles in Los Angeles. They were then arranged in France last September, just before the death of the singer.

After a few days in St-Barthélémy, Laeticia Hallyday is back in her home in Pacific Palisades in Los Angeles with a project in mind : to finish this album posthumously. A delicate mission that she should nevertheless not accomplish alone. Maxim Nucci is also the United States to assist the woman in the rocker. According to the information from Closer, Laeticia, who had overseen the realization of this 51st album, just as Maxim Nucci and the manager, Sébastien Farran, would find that it is missing two or three songs to complete this album posthumously. The trio has two titles in mind that they would like to finalize. ‘They will be added to the playlist of the album only if ‘the result seems to be perfect’ “, we read in the columns of the magazine.

The release of this album posthumously would be scheduled for next summer. Thierry Chassagne, the boss of Warner Music France, the label of Johnny Hallyday, has revealed some information about this disk. “Johnny has made this album in full knowledge of the cause,” he confided, before saying : “Now, the idea is to finish calmly. It will be released at the appropriate time, by deciding, in conjunction with Laeticia and his manager Sebastien Farran “. According to the magazine VSD, the release date of the album could be one specific of the 15 June, the day of the anniversary of Johnny Hallyday.

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