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Entertainment 16 January, 2018

Los Angeles 2013

Soon return to Los Angeles after several hours of flight, Laeticia Hallyday will have to resume the course of his life. A new daily life far away from his man, who had died in the night of 5 to 6 December last, and was buried in Saint-Barth.

Over 5,000 kilometres separate now Johnny Hallyday from his wife Laeticia, back to Los Angeles after spending several weeks in St. Barts. The former model – after being gathered one last time on the grave of the deceased – has taken a private jet alongside his daughters, Jade and Joy. Towards Los Angeles and, more specifically, to Pacific Palisades, where is their splendid villa, full of memories. A difficult step for Laeticia Hallyday, who in addition to having to relearn how to live without the man of her life, regrets far away from him.

Upon his return, the bride of the idol of young people will be able to count on the support of Mamie Rock, his mother Françoise Thibaut, but also the nanny of his daughters. It will also be surrounded by his close friends, Yael and Dany Boon, Amanda Sthers or Nadia Farès, his best friends.

After a heartfelt homage rendered to the Madeleine, a ceremony in complete privacy in the cemetery of Lorient, and several weeks spent in his home in Saint-Barth, Laeticia must resume his daily labour. Jade and Joy are expected to return in the next few days at the lycée français in Los Angeles. For her part, the wife of the performer of “I promise” will dive into the preparation of the album posthumous, which should be published in 2018.

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