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Entertainment 30 January, 2018


Laeticia Hallyday has had the great joy to welcome into his life his daughter Jade in 2004. A joy that is unfortunately marred at the time by a terrible tragedy for the widow of Johnny Hallyday…

In November 2004, the life of Laeticia and Johnny Hallyday has been turned upside down by the arrival of their daughter, Jade. The baby, born in August of the same year in Vietnam, fills the couple’s happiness, their daughter, is the consecration of their love. An immense joy, unfortunately tainted by a terrible drama for the wife of the rocker. His great-grand-mother, Odette, as she sees it as her ” heroine “, is deceased. An ordeal very painful for Laeticia, that it has taken, in spite of the money, with a lot of philosophy : “She left me when my daughter arrived in my life. There are departures, arrivals… I believe very much in it,” she confided to Marie Claire in an interview in march 2017. In inheritance, the mother of the family was given the surname of his great-grandmother to his daughter, who is then named Jade Odette.

The widow of Johnny Hallyday has kept many treasured the covenant of his grandmother, that she ” never leaves since his departure.” “It is a lucky charm, I can’t live without it, ” said Laeticia Hallyday. A way to keep the more near it the tender memories of his great-grandmother disappeared. A favourite piece of jewellery that the mother of this family, no doubt, be necessary during this period of mourning after the tragic death of her husband Johnny, the man of her life, which occurred at the beginning of December.

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Laeticia Hallyday, Jade Hallyday

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