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Entertainment 11 December, 2017


Laeticia Hallyday is since several years the strong woman at the side of Johnny Hallyday. Since his death, that is only onboard to ensure the following. A future laden with mystery, but she has seen other.

Laeticia Hallyday has not finished to face the worst ordeal of his life. After having been forced to announce the death of Johnny Hallyday, his children, Jade and Joy, Laura Smet et David Hallyday, she remained dignified during the heartfelt homage rendered to his ” man ” to Madeleine, taking right up until the moment where he had to kiss the white coffin and imposing of Johnny Hallyday. Now, focused on the funeral mass at St. Barthémy, it will be forever “the widow” Johnny Hallyday tonight. A “Laeticia collapsed, but who will be” according to Muriel Robin, but on that will inexorably from Jade, age 13, and Joy, who will soon be celebrating its tenth birthday without her daddy.

It is now on its shoulders that all will benefit from : the education of her girls even if she will not be alone and will rely on their godfather and godmother as Jean Reno and Jean-Claude Darmon, the sharing of the heritage of Johnny Hallyday, the decision to keep or not, its the houses : that of Los Angeles, Marnes-La-Coquette, that Johnny did not like, the Villa Jade in Saint-Barthélémy and the chalet in Gstaad…

She is also to manage the enormous musical heritage of Johnny Hallyday. As pointed out by the Point, having regard to the experience gained over the last 23 years with Johnny, she will certainly be able to ” maintain the aura of the singer, the re-releases of albums, the rights to the image, the multiple requests that will no doubt multiply in the years to come for the merchandising, film projects, documentaries or, why not, a musical comedy… “. It may also rely on Maxim Nucci, the worthy heir to Johnny to finish his album, posthumously, on her friend, Caroline de Maigret and her husband, Yarol Poupaud, the angel rock Johnny.

A 42-year-old, Laeticia Hallyday is no longer the young, frail woman, the round face and loops English who was married to Johnny Hallayday as pointed out by the JDD. Over the 23 years they have spent together, it grew, managed to become a mom, giving back the joy of life to her ” man “, modernise its image via social networks. It did hold up well despite cancer being very aggressive, giving endlessly of projects in the line of sight, and not telling him the whole reality of his illness. It will do the same thing for his daughters, for their lives. If there is a large chance that they will leave all three live in Los Angeles, where Jade and Joy are in school, to live a life more quiet, it will continue to look after its association with The lucky star with her friend Hélène Darroze. Now, as the said Laurence Pieau in the JDD : “Laeticia vavivre by itself “. No reason, therefore, that it may not.

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