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Entertainment 12 December, 2017


In 1996, Johnny Hallyday’s wife Laeticia Boudou, a young woman 21 years of age. They are so few in the entourage of the famous rocker to believe in this marriage. Yet, the young woman will stand out over the years to become indispensable in the life of the singer.

Johnny Hallyday died in the night of 5 to 6 December. In a text that is upsetting, it is Laeticia that announced with sorrow the death of the singer. “Johnny Hallyday is gone. I write these words without believing in it. And yet it is well this. My man is no more. He leaves us this night as he will have experienced throughout his life, with courage and dignity, ” she confided to AFP. Since this sad announcement, the ceremonies succeeded one another. A heartfelt homage to Paris and a mass in the church of the Madeleine. And on Monday, December 11, a last goodbye : Johnny Hallyday was buried in the cemetery of Lorient, Saint-Barth, in the most strict intimacy. These last months of the battle against the disease, in these days of tribute, Laeticia Hallyday was able to show himself worthy and an especially strong despite the pain.

However, upon her marriage in 1996 with the rocker, the entourage of Johnny Hallyday didn’t really believe in this young 21-year old woman with blond curls and the face of the doll. And yet, for nearly twenty years, Laeticia will have succeeded in making himself indispensable to the sides of the rocker. An eventful life, made with infidelity, alcohol and chess. The young woman forgive him all his excess, will do the housework in their work environment and will succeed with patience to win. And the face of the disease, Laeticia is always there, ready to support her husband in what will be the hardest fight of his life. “This is Rambo in disguise in Barbie” jokes in the JDD, Jean-Pierre Pasqualini, a journalist specializing in magazine Platinum. This woman of 42 years old is especially one that has shared the most painful moments of the life of the rocker, and never give up. Today only, it should manage the education of his two little girls and the legacy of her husband, who disappeared with just as much strength and courage.

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