Laeticia Hallyday torn to leave St Barth “she has the impression to abandon his “human” – Gala

Entertainment 16 January, 2018

Laeticia Hallyday

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Laeticia Hallyday has left St. Barth, leaving behind so many memories. And if she has any plans to be flowered the grave of Johnny, Laeticia has experienced a new tear.

A tear. Last December 10, Laeticia Hallyday accompanied Johnny in his final resting place. It is up to the marine cemetery of Lorient in St Barth, as he wanted, the taulier will rest for eternity. Since the ceremony, Laeticia came to collect all of the days, accompanied by Jade and Joy, on the grave of her husband, the one she shared life for the past 23 years. But this January 16, Laeticia arrived in Los Angeles. If she has chosen to return to the United States this is both for reasons of academic and administrative. Of course, it is time that the girls return to school, the lycée français de Los Angeles, but the american administration did not give him too given the choice. When Laeticia decided to leave St Barts, villa Jade, le paradise only loved Johnny. Immured in silence, devouring the black, Laeticia Hallyday barely to grieve, tant everything reminds her of her man. Do the sorting in the affairs of Johnny, it is still too early as the presence of the rocker permeates the premises.

But she is determined to return to the United States, where the waiting for a new life. Among its priorities to carry out the release of the album posthumous star. Assisted by Sébastien Farran, Yarol Poupaud, and Maxim Nucci, Laeticia is not alone. But saying goodbye to her man before taking the plane, she realized she could not go to his grave before long. According to our confreres, VOD, she would then have cracked, melted into tears. It has the ” feeling of abandoning her man “, adds a source to the magazine. But driven by her daughters, Laeticia going forward. At all costs.

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