Laeticia Hallyday unknown to the public, his struggle to The association la Bonne Etoile Gala

Entertainment 6 December, 2017


Far from the image of the young woman, naive and reckless that it has frequently been lent, Laeticia Hallyday is committed, body and soul, in its association with The Good Star, who comes to the aid of orphaned vietnamese with disabilities and hiv / aids patients. A fight is a concrete and courageous.

It is without doubt one of the facets the most misunderstood of Laeticia Hallyday. Behind the veneer of his glamorous life, made up of social gatherings and vacation in St Barth, the one who just lost her husband, is also a woman committed, generous, and who is not afraid to face the difficulties of life.

Following the adoption of her two daughters Jade, in 2004, and then Joy, in 2008, the young woman feels irremediably linked to the Vietnam. Then she discovers with sadness that many vietnamese children live in extremely difficult conditions, she decides to make this country a little bit of the happiness that he was able to offer him.

With her friends, the heads Helena Darroze and Caroline Rostang, she creates in 2012 The association la Bonne Etoile, intended to help disabled orphans and affected by aids. “They are banished from society, and as a mother of two little Vietnamese, I could not remain unmoved or indifferent “, she says. But for nearly three years, the fine will be very discreet about this commitment. By fear, will explain it later in an interview with Gala, the ” prying eyes “.

It must be said that it has long been known mocking. Found – a little too hastily – cutesy and erased by some, Laeticia has learned to stay in the background. It is with time that she was able to reveal his outstanding personality : strong, smart and devoted. Gradually, she will accept to mediate its action in Vietnam : construction of schools, orphanages, distribution of food aid… Up to receive last march, the price of the Woman of the heart of the year 2017, given by Clarins. A true recognition for this woman who seems to be always fulfilled in altruism.

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