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After the arrival of Joy, adopted also in Vietnam, Laeticia and Johnny wanted a third child: a boy. They have thought about it strongly before you give up for medical reasons.

Laeticia always imagined mother. When she meets Johnny, she dreams of the head of a large family. She wants to quickly have a child with her man, Johnny agrees. “My ambition in me, and I’ve never had, we explained it in 2008. When I was younger, I was not someone who claimed her freedom, her independence, I was dreaming just to find the man of my life and start a family with him. I was raised by three generations of women, women who were mothers, real housewives, dutiful to their husband and to him alone. “Fate decides otherwise. Laeticia connects the miscarriage, Ivf. Hope succeeded to despair. She can’t give birth. For ten years, she tries in vain to give life. Then she decides to stop the treatment and becoming a mother differently: it starts with Johnny in the adoption. Jade, this baby on the other side of the world, born on August 3, 2004, is waiting in an orphanage in Hanoi Vietnam. It is adopted by the couple in November of the same year. Laeticia discovers the mother and her relationship is immediately fused with his daughter. The couple rearranges their life around this baby.

Last may, when the show ” 50 min Inside “, Laeticia Hallyday remembered the arrival of Jade. “I wanted to be a mother since always, it has been one of the best moments of my life “, told she, with tears in her eyes, thinking back to Vietnam and his first meeting with his eldest daughter, when she was only 3 months. “It was magical. I would have liked that time stops. I had him in my arms, I was mom. I have so many dream that it seemed unreal. Still today, every time my daughter says ‘mom’ I fund “.

Johnny wants to immediately enlarge his tribe. Laeticia slows down, she wants to take the time to discover his daughter. “My husband, if I was listening to her, we would adopt a lot of children !, remembered the young woman in ” Gala “. When Jade arrived, he would have wanted a second, but for me, at the time, I was not ready. We launched the procedure almost immediately because he felt like it, and then when things started to accelerate, I slowed down. I told Johnny that he had to leave me time, time for me to build with my child, exploring all the richness of my relationship with her. I had still expected ten years !”

Then Joy arrived four years later, in the middle of winter. With his smile, his joy of life, his energy. And the couple launches a third adoption in Vietnam. This time, he wants a boy. But Johnny falls ill and Laeticia took the decision to stop the procedure. She will explain to “Paris Match”: “Eend of 2009, at a time when Johnny fell ill, we had to accommodate a small boy. The main battle to lead was that of his recovery. Then I made the wise decision to halt the process of adoption. This is the kind of sign that life sends “.

Therefore, they will cease to imagine their life with three children.

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