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Entertainment 23 December, 2017


After the tragic death of Johnny Hallyday, his wife starts a new life without her man. And despite the grief, Laeticia should celebrate the new year alongside a few friends.

The atmosphere is, unfortunately, not at the feast. Since the night of 5 to 6 December, the date of the death of Johnny Hallyday, Laeticia barely a smile on her face. The wife of the famous singer is inconsolable but she finds strength in the eyes of his daughters, Jade and Joy, but also on the side of his relatives, who came especially to support to St Barts where the rocker was buried.

According to le Parisien, dated December 23, Laeticia Hallyday should not be alone during the holiday season. For the 31 December, it will be at the side of several friends , including producer Anne Marcassus her husband Fabrice Le Ruyet, or even Marie Poniatowski, sister of Sarah Lavoine : “The relatives of the metropolis is organized to travel to Saint-Barth in turn, one can read in the newspaper. Hélène Darroze and her daughters, Caroline de Maigret and her partner Yarol Poupaud, guitarist of Johnny, who will join them for the 31st of December. “

The Christmas of the family will also be placed under the sign of reverence. If they passed of the regular holidays in Los Angeles, Laeticia and her family have decided to stay in St-Barth, the more nearly the performer of ” I promise “. They should live on the island until at least mid-January before flying to California. And thereby attempt to resume the course of their lives…

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