“Laeticia has been amazing with Johnny Hallyday, Jean-Claude Camus recounts the last days of the Taulier – Gala

Entertainment 15 December, 2017


Friend and legendary producer Johnny Hallyday, Jean-Claude Camus has pointed out how Laeticia had surrounded the Taulier of all her love while he lived his last days. A moving tribute.

Love until the end. Collapsed since the death of Johnny, Laeticia Hallyday is in Saint-Barthelemy with his daughters Jade and Joy. Thursday, they once again made their way towards the tomb of the Taulier to gather in silence in the small cemetery of Lorient. The widow of the ‘ grief over the death after have always supported her husband in difficult times. Their friend, Jean-Claude Camus, a testament of the last days of the singer where Laeticia Hallyday was ” incredible “.

“Johnny loved to be surrounded. But it should be stressed that Laeticia had to bring him this cocoon that allowed him to flourish. I saw it in Los Angeles last march. It was a dad’s careful and tender with his daughters. I remember as he was on his knees. With Laeticia, Johnny was finally able to discover the true family life , “explains the producer and friend of Johnny Hallyday to our colleagues from Paris Match. Back home after an emergency hospitalization for respiratory distress, the singer was able to extinguish peacefully at his home, surrounded by his loved ones and the woman of his life.

“Laeticia has been amazing with him. Throughout the year, where he was suffering, I saw how Laeticia took care of it and it was beautiful. It has been a beautiful last few days, I can assure you. There was such tenderness between Johnny, Laeticia, and their children. I spent the Saturday evening with them, it was very beautiful to see, ” says Jean-Claude Camus. True rock in the eventful life of her husband, Laeticia Hallyday will remain strong until the last breath of the rocker.


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