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Entertainment 11 December, 2017


Johnny Hallyday has been able to rely on his wife Laeticia until the end. Becoming a widow at the age of 42 years, the young mother has always made sure to protect her husband and this, from their very first meeting. A behavior that she already had with his father, André Boudou, when she was a teenager.

Died in the night of 5 to 6 December, Johnny Hallyday died in the arms of his wife Laeticia. Since their meeting in 1995, the young woman did not stop to support and protect his man in the worst of trials. A role that she also had to play from the age of 13, when his parents get divorced and she decides to live with his father, André Boudou, who plunges little by little into depression. “She is so busy her father when she was much younger out of a very difficult situation that she has been able to project this on Johnny Hallyday, who was a man with an age difference, very important. You can make a link between the two, ” recently declared Frédéric Quinonero, biographer and author of Johnny : the life of rock, RTL.

Too young to have such large responsibilities, Laeticia Hallyday no longer go to school and dark in the anorexia. A disorder of eating behavior that she will eventually defeat a few years later, thanks to Johnny. “I come from far away. My husband saved me. It has allowed me to refocus , “confided in the pages of Paris Match, in 2013. Appeased by the kindness of his fifth wife, the rocker will change about him at all. Finished the excess, Johnny Hallyday became a real dad hen to the small Jade and Joy, and takes his distance from the scene to devote more time to his family. The self-help being the cement of her relationship with Laeticia.

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