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Entertainment 25 September, 2017


The year 2017 is responsible for Laetitia Milot, which connects the projects. The actress has written a new novel, ” Bound for life “, in which she draws on her love story with Yannis, his ex-companion, died of cancer.

After his first three novels ” I wanted to tell you “, ” baby it is for when ” , or ” We’ll see “, Laëtitia Milot decided to dive back into writing with the release of a new book, ” Connected for life “. In his book, the actress recounts the daily life of Lucy, a champion horse who sees his life switch after a terrible car accident. She became hemiplegic. Between the lines, the heroine of the saga Plus belle la vie narrates his love story with Yannis, her ex-boyfriend died of cancer, but also the difficulties experienced by the couple during this difficult time : “Towards the end, when he was in a wheelchair, the eyes of others I was sometimes exasperated, she told the magazine Télé 7 jours. You can not imagine the impact it can have on a sick or disabled person. It can kill within. This is what I wanted to denounce in my book.

Soon in the thriller When I grow up, I will kill, released the 9 of October on TF1, the one who is suffering from endometriosis hope to see her new novel adapted for television – the image of ” We’ll see “ proposed on the first string : “Proceed step by step, but I would be very happy !

Side heart, the beautiful always share his life with Badri, his new companion, with whom she wants to start a family. Determined to fight his disease and becoming a mother, she elected to undergo a surgical procedure to put all the chances on his side. She is ready to pamper : “it’s going to happen, I believe in it “, she finally added.

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Laetitia Milot

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