Lartiste still in clash with La Fouine? It makes the point in interview

Entertainment 20 January, 2017

During his stay at melty, Lartiste returned to his fight with La Fouine. Are they still cold? Answer just below.
A few days ago, Lartiste went to the editorial office to talk about his new projects. A few months after the success of Maestro ( which was certified platinum this summer please ), the rapper released Clandestino on 9 December. An album composed of 17 tracks all more elaborate than the others. This is well known, which says new project says new promo and sometimes new clashes. On the Lartiste side, everything seems to have calmed down in that direction, but we have nevertheless discussed the tensions there may have been between him and La Fouine . Remember, at the time of the release of Maestro, the two artists had taken a little head for the promotion of their respective discs. We asked Lartiste if things were arranged for, to which he replied: “I have not seen him I saw her manager in Marrakech was sorry for what had happened to him.. It was an error of communication. ” The suite just below.
Lartiste added: “But it does not change anything.” On Maestro’s album, the conflict is not that the projects were released on the same day Niro is my friend, it went out the same day and There is no problem, if I have an artist friend who releases an album on the same date as me and who makes a gold record in two hours, I am super happy for him, I do not have that frustration. Where I am frustrated is when you have six albums and six rap planets when I have only one and that’s the first … Why you move my Rap Planet to put yours on This is what I meant is all, people may have misunderstood this story, but there has not been a real conflict. ” We ended up asking if a new collab between the two was then possible. The answer: “Yeah, why not … Frankly I’m not resentful .” Between this and the potential feat between Booba and NLP , the world of rap may be beautiful surprises. What do you think of this whole story?