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Entertainment 14 December, 2017


Laura Smet is currently in the cinema alongside her mother Nathalie Baye in the film The gatekeepers directed by Xavier Beauvois. In the columns of A nous Paris the young woman evokes his passion for the 7th art, but says that it is a medium particularly difficult.

Laura Smet is currently the poster of the film The Guardians of Xavier Beauvois. And unprecedented fact, it gives the reply to her mother Nathalie Baye. The two women have a lot of fun to spin together. A fellow Tv Star, Laura Smet confided to the 12th of December last on the subject of his mother : “It was reassuring to have her as a partner. Especially when we shoot for three months away from his fiance. I knew that my mother was there in case of a shot of blues. “. Away from his companion to Raphael during the filming, Laura Smet was also very affected by the illness of her father, Johnny Hallyday.

Cinema is a passion for Laura Smet. In the columns of A nous Paris, the daughter of the famous rocker disappeared confided about his desires in film. The young woman dream ” to other roles, to learn new things “. About his career, he decides to go behind the camera : “Here, I’ll direct my first short film and I dream that this is a beautiful film. I made a clip for The Avener two years ago, and I have so enjoyed this experience that I want to go to the feature “. A desire to achieve, not to wait constantly to be chosen by such or such a director. “It allows me to have two strings to my bow, not to be always in the waiting. The movie is good when it is running, but the more hard it is to live this job, wait for the phone call, to feel desired, ” points out the young woman.

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