Laura Smet despite a childhood tormented she has never complained to his parents : life split between the hollow and Saint-Tropez Gala

Entertainment 13 December, 2017


In 1986, Johnny Hallyday and Nathalie Baye separate. Laura, only aged a few years, then goes to live with a childhood complicated, constantly tossed between his mother’s house and that of his father. But the young woman has never criticized her parents for this tormented life.

In 1983, Johnny Hallyday became a father for the second time. After his son David, born of his relationship with Sylvie Vartan in 1966, Nathalie Baye, his companion of the time, gives birth to a little girl. It is prénommera Laura. Absent father, Johnny Hallyday has often regretted not having watched him grow up his son. For her daughter Laura, it would be different he promises. Attentive, he would dedicate even one of his most beautiful songs Laura written by Jean-Jacques Goldman. But while the little girl is not even three years old, Nathalie Baye and Johnny Hallyday separate. It is a blow for the girl.

Instead of a peaceful life with two parents under the same roof, that is regularly tossed from the farm in the hollow of her mother at the sublime remains the terrace of her father, Lorada. A childhood complicated, difficult to live for the young woman, who, however, has never nothing chided his father. “If there has been suffering and the incomprehension of the two sides, we will never hear a word of reproach, nor in the mouth of Laura, nor in that of Johnny” writes the Elle magazine in its latest edition, devoted to Johnny Hallyday.

A tender relationship between father/daughter that came to an end on the 6th of December last, at the announcement of the death of Johnny Hallyday at the age of 74 years. Very proven, the young woman struggled to contain her tears during the popular ceremony given in honor of his father, and then at his funeral in the cemetery of Lorient, Saint Barthelemy.

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