Laura Smet, very affected by the death of his father, Johnny Hallyday, can count on the unconditional support of his mother : “as Soon as I have a problem, she comes to take me in his arms” – Gala

Entertainment 12 December, 2017


Johnny Hallyday went on the 6th of December last. The rocker leaves behind loved ones and fans inconsolable. Fortunately, his daughter Laura Smet can count on the valuable support of his mother, Nathalie Baye, to cope with this terrible ordeal.

In the night of 5 to 6 December last year, Laura Smet has lost his father, the famous rocker Johnny Hallyday. A disappearance that shocked the young woman. Present at the heartfelt homage rendered to the rocker in Paris last Saturday, the actress appeared particularly moved alongside his brother, hidden behind large dark glasses. Always arm in arm with David Hallyday, she has made the trip to say a final goodbye to her father, buried in the cemetery of Lorient, Saint Barthelemy. Arrive hand in hand with Laeticia, the young woman appeared once again, very affected, especially when his father had been put in the ground.

Fortunately, the young actress is not alone. She can count on the unfailing support of his companion, Raphael the shoulder in this terrible ordeal. His mother is also there to comfort her. With Nathalie Baye, they are set to the poster of the latest film by Xavier Beauvois, The guardians. About this first collaboration of mother/daughter, Laura Smet confided to the magazine Télé Star on the 12th of December last, that his mother had been to her a precious support on the shoot. “It was reassuring to have her as a partner. Especially when we shoot for three months away from his fiance. I knew that my mother was there in case of a shot of blues, “said the actress before adding,” my mother, as soon as I have a problem, she comes to take me in his arms “. In these days of mourning, mother and daughter can certainly count on each other in this painful ordeal

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Laura Smet,Nathalie Baye

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