Laura Tenoudji, radiant on the arm of her husband, Christian Estrosi, to the presentation of the greeting 2018 to Nice – Gala

Entertainment 14 January, 2018


The columnist of the Télématin, and the mayor of Nice presented their wishes to the Bodies of the Alpes-Maritimes in Nice. The couple seems more united than ever.

Still as accomplices. Friday, 12 January, Laura Tenoudji has accompanied Christian Estrosi, for a first appointment of importance in the beginning of the year 2018. The couple has largely played the game with the photographers present for the occasion. Embracing or hand in hand, the presenter of France 2 and president of the métropole Nice Côte d’azur appeared both close and smiling throughout the evening.

Wearing a black dress with flowery patterns, Laura Tenoudji alias Laura du web ” provides unwavering support to Christian Estrosi, with whom she has been married for 2016. During the evening, she has followed the latter on stage during his speech greeting the Constituted Bodies of the Maritime Alps. The Metropolis of the south of France, has chosen a slogan that fits perfectly with the couple : “2018 on the right track “.

“There are those who do not have to solution as the past. There are those that have the compass for the future. There are those who have the fear, the fear the dark, the fear that leads to blindness. And then there are those who have the courage in the heart, the courage that frees, the courage that unit, ” said Christian Estrosi, before the assembly.For the parents of the little Bianca, the year 2018 seems to be full of promise.

Photo credits : VEEREN / BESTIMAGE

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