Laure Manaudou: Her brother Nicolas reveals an adorable video of her baby

Entertainment 5 January, 2017

Attention is really too cute …
Future swimmer in the family Manaudou ? It looks like it! Nicolas, elder brother of Laure and Florent, has published an adorable video of his daughter Rose .
On vacation in New Caledonia with his small family, the French swimming coach at the ASPTT Marseille swim his 3-month-old daughter. Where rather he took her in the arms and made her float in the jacuzzi.
Tender and commented pictures: ” Small bath with my baby. ”
Very comfortable in the water, the baby has definitely made Laura Manaudou proud of her! Because if there are swimmers in the family, it lacks swimmers. Last September, the champion had not hidden her joy to welcome a little girl in the family by posting a picture of the very small hand of Rose posed in his.
But back to the basins. Several weeks ago, Nicolas had unveiled a cliché that suggests that he would like to train his daughter. On it his adorable baby wearing a top on which was written in English: ” My favorite coach is Dad. ” Enough said!
Laurent and his partner Adeline are already parents of a small Soan , born in 2012.