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Entertainment 26 January, 2018


Laurent Boyer has made his return to television on the chain C8 in the emission band at Baffie. For the magazine Here, the host looks back on his career and the success of his show Fréquenstar. It is also remember this tragic day in 2005 where he very nearly lost his life

Laurent Boyer has made his return to television with a new show aired on C8 and entitled The band to Baffie.A show during which the host asks his guest to come with all his loved ones so that viewers can learn more about him.

A return to television who would not see the light of day. Indeed, Laurent Boyer was a failure to lose life in a car accident in 2005. The one who made the beautiful days of M6 to the commands of Fréquenstar is income on this drama in the columns of the magazine Here.” We returned the show of Eric and Ramzy, we were shooting Fréquenstar. It was on the highway at night. I still wonder how I got out of the car ” remembered the animator. “I put fifteen minutes to put me upright, I had the sternum broken out, I had 48 holes in the head, and it was raining a lot, I was losing a lot of blood also, I don’t see anything. I was trying to talk to my two friends, I was touching it but he did not respond. I thought they were just groggy and then I understood, ” said sadly Laurent Boyer.

The facilitator will be the only survivor. After the drama, the show Fréquenstar will end. Today is given of this tragic accident, the facilitator entrust enjoy life to the fullest. ” Before I was an old fifty-year old, today I am a young sexa ” joked Laurent Boyer.

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Laurent Boyer

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