Laurent Ournac, Marilou Berry, Sonia Dunois … lose weight overnight it to their success?

Entertainment 23 November, 2016

20, 30, 60 kilos! By transforming their silhouette, celebrities putting their popularity. A choice double-edged. By Patricia Hervee.
laurent-ournacLaurent Ournac unrecognizable, transformed Marilou Berry, Guy Carlier transformed! If these three artists made themselves known to the general public with generous forms, it is difficult today to recognize as they have lost weight. This does not prevent them to display their happiness to feel good in their shoes. ” Big be is boring ,” confided some time ago Marilou Berry in the pages of Paris Match. Listing the reasons which had pushed to initiate profound physical transformation (25 kilos in two years), the daughter of Josiane Balasko and niece of actor Richard Berry emphasized physical pain engendered a corpulent and the difficulties encountered to build up a nice wardrobe. But beyond feeling better about his body, the actress and director also stated that his main motivation was to endorse cinema roles other than round women: ” I will not spend my life playing youth girls twenty years bad about themselves … ”
More proposals and, above all, a wider repertoire, is also hoping qu’entretient Ournac Laurent, aka Tom Delormes in Camping Paradise on TF1. Having weighed up to 140 kilos in the last few years, the actor -reconverti recently in co-host of Dancing with the stars – was used in late 2014, a sleeve gastrectomy, surgery of removing 80% of the stomach. In a year and a half, he got rid of 60 kilos … and won a peach of hell! ” After twenty years of obesity and ineffective diets, I finally feel like the man I wanted to be ,” he wrote in his autobiography *. ” Warning warns the psychoanalyst Marie Marvier if no psychological work is done during this dramatic transformation period, flaws and suffering behind weight gain does not fade with the kilos. For it must therefore reclaim a new self-image: a delicate stage, euphoric at first, more complicated later, because even released its “overflow flesh” can continue to be “big”. And thus, disorientation, the risk of falling into depression appear. ”
Laurent Ournac had prepared himself, saying in his book: ” . When you lose weight as it takes confidence and risk is strong to sweep her life before ‘But her relationship with Ludivine seems more than ever welded around early Capucine three years. Even insurance even renaissance towards Guy Carlier who, after suffering for years from bulimia, said he was fully healed, ” I lost 120 kilos in ten years ,” says the writer and humorist, columnist since last September to sides of Alessandra Sublet in the big leagues on Europe 1. Happy and ” love “, it now looks to the future with optimism, even evoking the idea of having a fourth child. ” By losing part of his body identity, we risk losing part of its identity tout court, even a piece of his personality. Either we saw evil, whether it is used for bounce , “adds the psychologist and dietician Haurat Laurence, author of Ex-fan diets (Ed. La Martinière).
Karl Lagerfeld has found a new artistic impulse at Chanel and her new figure made him even more famous around the world when in 2000 he melted 42 kilos ” for purely sartorial reasons, the mode is shifted to clothing worn near the body , “stated at the time the German designer. however, the drastic diet that allowed Sonia Dubois to say goodbye to 60 kilos in 1995 has not had the same impact on his career. Columnist of Frou-Frou , between 1992 and 1994, France 2, has even experienced a living hell. ” My weight loss has broken something with the public, ” she told the board Thierry Ardisson in 2014. From back on the air a few months later in Coucou is us , she realizes that her transformation has surprised many. Too, apparently: ” People loved the Sonia before, which softened them, reassuring them. We must not forget that I was the first ultraronde of the TV, before Marianne James and Laurence Boccolini . It took ten years to find a place in the heart of those who appreciated me. For this, I had landed a role in the theater before returning to television. ”
What a dilemma! Because if the public appreciates the joviality and bonhomie personalities “coated”, the media and social networks, themselves, do not miss. ” Living overweight is difficult in our societies, but when a public image, it’s even worse, complete Laurence Haurat. You must be impeccable from all angles. ”
Under pressure from their impresarios, singers Amel Bent and Chimene Badi made the effort to carve a new silhouette to satisfy the diktat of thinness that governs the planet people. Did they have reason to submit to it? Have they gained fans or, conversely, do they have disappointed them? If the voluptuous Adele chose to ignore the sarcasm, actor Robert Pattinson himself declared to have to stay beautiful and muscular constrained by celebrity … Slim, then!