Laury Thilleman: entertained by his beloved alongside Valerie Begue

The two former Miss were treated to a fancy dinner …
exclusif-laury-thilleman-son-compagnoWhile each other rack their brains for what to cook during the original’s Eve dinner, a handful of lucky could find inspiration in a given culinary evening Monday, November 28, 2016 in Paris in the presence of the pretty Miss …
This is the Flow Paris , on a barge moored at the foot of the Pont Alexandre III in the chic 7th arrondissement of the capital, the chiefs Juan Arbelaez (officiating at NUBE at Plantxa and Bread ) and Geoffrey Rembert ( The Table the Flow ) were able to demonstrate their culinary skills for an exceptional dinner, complemented by the talented sommelier David Rougier. At the table, we could well see the former Miss France and TV host Laury Thilleman that is found in the show Hors-Piste mag on Eurosport, came to support her boyfriend Juan , and who dined with his good girlfriend, former Miss France Valerie Begue . We also saw sports journalist who has announced his retirement, Lauclair Daniel and Frédérique Noiret.
On the menu this evening? An octopus ceviche your ribs, fresh quinoa and coriander entry by Juan Arbelaez and ham Paris-Beurre revisited by Geoffrey Rembert while side dishes include a beef maigrognon Juan Arbelaez and gently cooked duck, tile bitter cocoa, potato and black salsify thinned by Geoffrey Rembert. In contrast, dessert, pop banana, caramel corn, is signed Camille Mouraud. Note that this menu is available at Flow Paris , at 72 euros, from 29 November to 10 December 2016.

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