LDCS and for all : the debate promises to be heated

Health 29 June, 2017


Published the 29.06.2017 at 17h43


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The couples of women or women alone could have access to medically assisted procreation (PMA). Following the favourable opinion of the national consultative ethics committee (CCNE), Christophe Castaner, the government spokesperson, indicated that the legislation might evolve.

“This opinion goes in the sense of positions of Emmanuel Macron during the presidential campaign,” he recalled, before adding : “Our objective is to translate from a legislative point of view the opinion” of the CCNE.

A promise that has not fallen in deaf ears. The human rights defenders, and persons LBGT have already warned that they do lâcheraient nothing. After you have greeted ” a view is a progressive and humanist “, the association SOS homophobia has indicated a desire to meet with the government ” as soon as possible to ensure the rapid adoption of this important legislation. “


CCNE in favour of the #LDCS : a step forward for all moms. https://t.co/hXk5RVMlGp #PMApourtoutes pic.twitter.com/ciOEP8a0um

— SOS homophobia (@SOShomophobie) June 27, 2017


#LDC notice #CCNE sensible, right. Zero didn’t even think about the weight. Stop the hypocrisy on this social inequality, to achieve the equality before the law

— Christiane Taubira (@ChTaubira) June 27, 2017


Do not unleash passions

But on the side of the State, seem to prefer to take his time. The spokesman has not specified any timeframe, explaining that “it is important to seek the widest consensus” and ” serenity “.

Because if many politicians like the former keeper of the seals, Christiane Taubira, or institutions such as the High Council for Equality, have welcomed this opinion, other voices conjure up the tension and tensions around this topic.

It should be understood that, within the ethics committee, access to LDCS for all women, is open to debate. Eleven members have signed a dissenting opinion in which they denounce ” the institutionalization of families without a father “. A view shared by the former member of The Republican (LR), Dr. Jean Leonetti. On Twitter, he said he was surprised by the contrast between the decision of the CCNE and the argument “prudence” of the committee, and asks : “Can we bring up a child without a father ? “


Life isn’t hard enough? No law should deprive 1 child of his father & his mother#IlsSontDevenusFous #PMAsansPère #NonALaGPA

— Emmanuelle Menard (@Menard2017) June 27, 2017


“An injustice done to one is a threat made to all”
The #PMAsansPere is unacceptable ! pic.twitter.com/EWACT6DFbL

— The Sentinel (@Sentinelles_fr) June 27, 2017