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Health 27 June, 2017


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In France, medically assisted procreation (PMA) is available only to heterosexual married couples, a civil partnership or cohabiting, only if the member is infertile or the carrier of a serious disease, and transmissible to the spouse or to the child. Accurate, the French legislation is not least-strict. But the situation could evolve.
The consultation Committee national ethics (CCNE) has just proposed in a notice of open LDCS to all women who want it, in a couple or single. And even if the CCNE in defends, the reflection is committed on this observation : the French make more of an LDC in the countries where it is permitted, such as Belgium or Spain. “Of course, what happens abroad has played, but we felt that it was necessary to conduct an independent thinking “, said Frédéric Worms, one of the rapporteurs of the CCNE.

A quarter of single women

Between 2012 and 2016, more than 4 600 French, for example, are rendered in the clinics of the Spanish network IVI, the largest in Spain. They represent a quarter of its patientèle, the French being the most heavily represented country. In 2016, they were still 1600.

If the network does not maintain statistics on the sexuality of its clients, its managers know the status of your companions, which allows us to estimate a profile of these women. Thus, over the whole of its clinics across the country, 73 % of the clients are heterosexual couples, 22% are single women, and 5 % are accompanied by a same-sex partner.

Not surprisingly, the clinics close to the border (Barcelona and Bilbao) are the most popular, with those of Madrid and Valencia. On the side of Barcelona is also the clinic that is most visited by the French : the clinic Eugin. She has painted a more accurate portrait of its patients.