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Entertainment 11 December, 2017


He has always lived above its means. In short, Johnny had not the soul of a capitalist or an owner. What of its legacy ?

In the show Auto Moto on TF1 aired on 10 December on TF1, one of his mechanics remembered : “One day, he saw a few of the collection cars (Ferrari, Jaguar, Rolls-Royce…) that he had owned for sale. He had then said, smiling : “I might be in the keep…” All his life, Johnny Hallyday has bought, sold, re-bought all kinds of toys to us without really paying attention to their values.

In fact, he had little regard for money, that he regarded only as a means : “I’m completely detached from material values, that rot and poison the people. My money serves me to be free, to live as I want ” , assenait it.

In 2016, the magazine Capital estimated its revenue to € 16 million. What is there left ? Mystery. Still, Hallyday has racked up, thinking thatit was enough for him to release an album and go on stage to bail out the funds. Between two tours, he spent without counting the cost, not hesitating to go into debt, live as good him seemed.

And now ? For the past fifteen years, it seems that it was a little more attention to his accounts after flirting with bankruptcy several times. Laeticia is passed through it, putting a little order into his affairs. In 2004, he explained to The Express : “If it happens to me something, I would leave nothing to my children. This idea to me is unbearable : I still worked all my life ! Before, I wasn’t thinking. There may be an age to throw money by the windows, and another to think about the future of his children.”

In 2008, after a long conflict with Universal, an agreement had been spent sharing the “exploitation of physical and digital titles Johnny Hallyday from the catalogue “Universal” between his record label history and artist. One can imagine that the contract with Warner, the record label of the last part of his career from 2005, was more advantageous.

In 2010, The New Observer had revealed the existence of a notarial deed of ” donation to the last living “, which would protect Laeticia with her full agreement until his own death, while reserving a portion to the children. Anyway, once all the tiles are settled, will he stay to Laura, David, Jade and Joy ? In all cases, there are four houses : chalet Gstaad (value : € 9.5 million), the property of Marnes-la-Coquette (already on sale € 25 million without finding a buyer), where he has made his last breath, that of Los Angeles estimated at 10 million euros, and the villa of Saint-Barthélémy (sometimes leased 30 000 euros for the week), the island of the west Indies, where he is buried. This is already not bad…

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