Legends of Tomorrow Season 2: Episode 10, Reverse Flash Motivations Unveiled, Our Critic!

Cinema 2 February, 2017

While Episode 10 of Legends of Tomorrow’s Season 2 has just been broadcast on the CW, back on the main events that have marked “The Legion of Doom”!
Finally explanations! And yes the meltynauts, since the beginning of the season, difficult to really understand the motivations of Eobard Thawne. Bluntly obsessed with The Flash, the Big Bad of the first season was far from being interested in the fastest man in the world preferring to run after the stick of destiny capable of rewriting reality. What purpose ? And why does he need Damien Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn so much? We finally had answers. While the editorial ‘of melty proposing you to discover our review of episode 9 of season 2 Legends of Tomorrow , back in detail on key events in “The Legends of Doom” aired last night on the CW . And the least we can say is that this episode has broken all the codes. Indeed, we spent practically 40 minutes with the villains of this second chapter with an enthusiasm hardly concealable. Thus, Darhk, Merlyn and Thawne remain emblematic characters of the Arrowverse and it was downright enjoyable to discover how their alliance had formed but above all the reasons why a speedster as powerful as Reverse Flash had other choices than s Surrounded by partners. If Darhk wants to prevent his own death and Merlyn is likely to prevent Tommy’s death, what are Thawne’s real motivations? Hang on to your chair because the explanations are complicated.
In creating the Flashpoint, Barry kidnapped Eobard Thawne and finally decided to let him escape and kill his mother. However, in returning to reality, Reverse Flash found himself in a Timeline where it no longer existed thanks to the sacrifice of Eddie who did not hesitate to commit suicide in order to kill the enemy of the first season. The Flashpoint Thawne therefore had to take his legs to his neck so as not to be caught up by Black Flash who is determined to correct these kind of temporal aberrations. If Thawne stays too long in the same place, time will do his work and he will die. This is why he needs two acolytes to carry out his project. He wants to rewrite the reality in order not to be pursued by Black Flash. And we will not lie, we just loved the duo formed by Darhk and Merlyn. Funny, devilishly cruel and finally cunning, the two companions were able to offer terribly funny scenes especially when they fought against a Pete aka Rip disillusioned. After 10 episodes, it was time that we could discover the real motivations of each.
But this episode was also an opportunity for Stein to be put forward. And it must be admitted that his relationship with his daughter is incredibly touching. Jax, the voice of wisdom for some time, will do everything to allow father and daughter to reconcile. If the young woman first had difficulty accepting that she was a temporal aberration, Stein finally managed to make her understand that she remains the best thing that has happened to her until now. Finally, the rest of Team discovered the identity of the speedster of the Legion of Doom and fomented a plan to stop him . In short, “The Legion of Doom” was rich in révelations. Despite a rather limited dose of action, the episode was quite captivating passing from the heroes to the bad guys with brilliance. We are very intrigued by the end of the episode. Now that Rip Hunter has recovered his memories, how did Eobard Thawne change his perception of things to the point that he murdered Washington? We will have to wait to be clear. Pending more information, see our review of episode 8 of season 2 Legends of Tomorrow on melty. What did you think of this episode?