Legends of Tomorrow Season 2: Episode 11, Rip Assassin Sara, our critic!

Cinema 8 February, 2017

While Episode 11 of Legends of Tomorrow’s Season 2 has just been released on the CW, let’s get back together on the main lines of “Turncoat”!
Has Rip definitely gone over to the bad guys? And yes the meltynauts, the adventures of our Legends continue and after discovering that the ultimate goal of the Legion of Doom was to rewrite the reality, they were obliged to return to the time of George Washington in order to prevent his Death. While the editorial ‘of melty proposing you to discover our review of episode 10 of season 2 Legends of Tomorrow , back in detail on the main events that marked “Turncoat” aired last night on the CW . And the least we can say is that this episode has given us many twists and turns. To start with the fatal blow brought to Sara by a Rip decidedly very different from the one we had always known. If it saddens us to see the Leader of the Team in this state, we must recognize that it was interesting to explore the personalities around the young woman . As captain, Sara is regularly highlighted and this time he had to be in the shade in order to let others act to win this new battle. And it was Jax that she chose to replace it. What a fantastic choice! Jax is probably the character who has evolved the most since the beginning of the series. Less impulsive and less reckless, the young man gained wisdom and maturity. The opportunity to see him take on a new role was therefore too good.
Loyal and faithful to his principles, Jax did not let himself be corrupted by the promises of Rip and managed to lead the members of the team with a master hand. And we knew how much it must have been difficult for him as he has feelings of affection and admiration for Sara . She became her mentor and without her, Jax loses a little head as we discovered at the end of the episode when it took little for the young man to shoot Rip in order to avenge Sara. This experience proved very rewarding for his character who continues to learn and grow. Meanwhile, a real rapprochement was taking place between Amaya and Nate, who form a magnificent couple. The series played once again on the journey through time in order to offer us very funny dialogues on the different ways of courting oneself through the years. There is no doubt that a real alchemy is taking place between them and we are eager to know if this relationship can bring them somewhere. For his part, Rip was unrecognizable and honestly we could not help but tell ourselves that Arthur Darvill must frankly have fun as he passes from personality to personality in the space of a few episodes.
What is fantastic about Legends of Tomorrow is that she assumes everything including her side too much and exaggerated. And that’s good! No challenge or pressure behind the intrigues, we feel that the writers are completely free and do not seek to be faithful to any expectations, they darken and it works clearly . Where other series impose limits, Legends of Tomorrow flourishes off the beaten path and how not to be boosted by discovering that Mick Rory is ready to fight for George Washington? Between funny situations and dialogues always funny and sought, difficult not to be seduced by this show that never takes the lead. Let’s talk about the time WTF where Ray is chased by a rat in the ducts of aeration, a scene simply hilarious. In short, this episode highlighted characters too often left in the shadows and this served the plot rather well. Always as crazy and all except Manichean, the series stands out and offers us our bowl of fresh air on Tuesday night. In short, we ask for more! Until next week, discover everything you need to know about the rest of the season 2 Legends of Tomorrow on melty. What did you think of this episode?