Legends of Tomorrow Season 2: Episode 6, an eventful return to Far West, our review!

Cinema 18 November, 2016

Last night our legends have found Jonah Hex in “Outlaw Country” episode 6 of season 2. Legends of Tomorrow Our critique back on its highlights!

legends-of-tomorrow-saison-2-episode-6-outlawAnd we’re back to the 1870’s ! After fighting the Nazis, samurai pissed, zombies and have prevented an international crisis in episode 5 of season 2 Legends of Tomorrow , now our heroes back on familiar ground! So far west direction, which has not changed much since they were first foray into ” The Magnificent Eight ” last season, so this is only part of the territory is about to fall into the hands of Quentin Turnbull (Jeff Fahey), the nemesis of Jonah Hex (yes, because Hex is back, woot !). Well, sure, seen like that, it may have dirty impact on the history of the United States. So, our hero, spurred boots on and screwed cowboy hat on his head, landed in force to spin a hand to Jonah and stop the actions of the vile Turnbull. General fistfight at the saloon, train explosions and attacks of all kinds are obviously waiting for you in this episode that he does not play on the time of novelty, has still some solid arguments to seduce us !
So actually, the time itself no longer surprising. ” The Magnificent Eight ” had done a great job by confronting our heroes to far west and paying homage to old westerns. So, ” Outlaw Country ” had to find another angle. And this is again between stage Jonah Hex, as we saw in the video promo of the episode 6 of season 2 Legends of Tomorrow ! The character was inscribed in previous adventures of the Wild West Team, but the fact is that he had not got a true development. By introducing Turnbull who, remember, is the enemy of the character in the comics, “Outlaw Country” to define more accurately the history of Hex. And if his rivalry with Turnbull’s never quite convincing, we ADORE the always intense as provision of Johnathon Schaech ! That gibberish ruminating his hatred for the villain or that faces our captain Lance, it is perfect . His interactions with Sara – with whom he shared some big similarities – are also among the best scenes of the episode. So if back in familiar territory deprives us of a surprise, we must recognize that this gives us at least the chance to find a secondary character particula tasty. And then we never says no to a good little fight at the saloon either!
But if we and Legends, we already know the far west, this is not the case of small newbies, Nate and Amaya. And indeed, Nate is probably the major asset of ” Outlaw Country “. You never cease to repeat, the character of Nick Zano is also fun qu’adorable, and he had a chance to prove it . We do not know what love most about him in this episode: his kind of bromance with Ray, the way he gradually reveal its flaws, or infectious enthusiasm when he has the opportunity playing the hero … or cowboys! His life has been dominated by fear, it is normal that he embraces with such eagerness its new status, which, among melty, tends to make us smile broadly. See hopping pending the locomotive to drive his anxieties finally as funny as particularly representative of the character.
We love the watch evolve, as was done with the rest of Legends during season 1, and, above all, we clearly invests in the relationship he forges with Ray. Both men have sacred similarities and they together form one of the most important duos in the series . Their conversation on the bravery and courage may be a bit cheesy , but even when buying enthusiastically! And hey, we confess that we are super excited to see Nate finally donning his costume … and Ray are shaping a new armor. While he understood that he could still be a hero without it!
But Ray and Nate are not the only ones entitled to their little moments together! Mick and Amaya – which could form for once the most unlikely duo of the series – also share some pretty scenes. With his experience in the JSA, Amaya works from the beginning as a sort of second captain of the team, bringing out the best in his teammates . And with its very limited knowledge of the past Mick, she is able to see beyond his rage and aggressiveness. Basically if Mick did not recognize that our hero is why he managed to stay on the right path, Amaya, it sees clear him. A bit like us, what! ” Outlaw Country ” is therefore perhaps not surprising but it is characterized by some really good interactions between the various characters.
And also want to teaser some drastic changes in Stein. The plot of the teacher is also particularly mysterious! His visions are they really the proof that his past is changing? If so, then we can not imagine what impact this will have on the character and his entourage! Anyway, the Stein problems will have to wait! Because the team is expected to return in 2016 to spin a hand to the other hero of the CW. And yes, we finally approach the crossover event between Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl, including a trailer has been unveiled ! So we hope you’re ready, because it’ll be crazy! What did you like in this episode?