Legends of Tomorrow Season 2: Rip Hunter back soon? The cast is on!

Cinema 7 December, 2016

While the first part of season 2 Legends of Tomorrow will conclude on Thursday on the CW, Rip Hunter he will eventually return in the Waverider?

Where are you Captain? And yes meltynautes if the second chapter of the adventures of our favorite legends is excellent, the fact remains that Rip Hunter dug a serious void in our hearts. Indeed, the leader of Team just disappeared at the end of Season Premiere practically leaving us orphaned . While the editorial ‘of melty proposed to discover the promotional video of the mid-season finale of season 2 Legends of Tomorrow , the beautiful Maisie Richardson-Sellers aka Vixen took advantage of an interview with the website CinemaBlend to tell us about our chances to see Rip Hunter. And the least we can say is that our prayers will be rewarded: “It is in the series but not necessarily the way you remember it will be very different and it is clear what will occupy. the characters in the second half of the season. ”
So another simply pleasing for all fans of this very atypical hero. Unfortunately, it seems that it will not return until 2017 but rest assured, surprises are still to go as Captain will enter the final mid-season. While Leonard Snart had sacrificed in the first season, it’s a different version of it that we will meet on Thursday evening because now part of the Legion of Doom. Mick Rory aka Heat Wave does manage to reason with him? We cross our fingers as we would like the young man to do again part of the team. While waiting to learn more, see our review of episode 7 of season 2 Legends of Tomorrow on melty . What do you think of the possibility of reviewing Rip Hunter?