Legends of Tomorrow Season 2: Season Finale, Katie Cassidy (Laurel) arrives for a surprise crossover!

Cinema 2 April, 2017

As Season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow’s Season Finale will air on Tuesday, Cassidy has been announced for the cast!
Katie Cassidy is back in Legends of Tomorrow! And yes the meltynauts, remember, in early summer 2016, the young actress had signed a contract with the CW that made her a recurring actress of the three series CD: Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. If we had already seen it in the first two, it is during the Season Final of the spin-off that it will have a crucial role. While Melty’s editor suggested that you discover our review of Season 2 Episode 15 of Legends of Tomorrow , we are eager to discover how Sara’s sister will infiltrate into a spectacular episode. Indeed, stuck in an alternative reality, Our heroes will have to find the Waverider in order to go back in time and rewrite the reality themselves. But then, can Sara succumb to the temptation to allow her sister to survive the attack of Damien Darhk ? The question arises since Katie Cassidy will be credited as Laurel Lance.
Are we going to see Flashbacks? Is Sara going to talk to him so he can say goodbye? One thing is certain, this episode should remain in the annals as the Legends will have to fight if they want to recover their original world. But with the return of Captain Cold, it’s a terrific force that joined the Legion of Doom, can they stop them? Worse, by going back in time to rewrite the reality, they will have to confront their past. Will they convince themselves that they are not dangerous? No doubt, therefore, that this episode offers us beautiful surprises before a break of several months before the third season. While waiting for more info, discover our review of episode 14 of season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow.