Legends of Tomorrow Season 2: The Return of Captain Cold, Legion of Doom, Wentworth Miller says everything about the next episodes!

Cinema 18 January, 2017

A few days back from Legends of Tomorrow season 2, Wentworth Miller says everything about the next episodes between the return of Captain Cold and the Legion of Doom!
From surprises to surprises! To his return, season 2 Legends of Tomorrow, for which we dévoilions everything you need to know about episode 9 , exchange release day. Now we will be pleased to find our Legends on Tuesday night (after The Flash ) instead of Thursday, but it will not be the only surprise of the upcoming episodes. Indeed, these will be marked by the return of Leonard Snart. Nevertheless, it is a very different Captain Cold that we will discover. After being sacrificed during the first season to destroy the Board of Time and save the Legends, Leonard Snart will join Reverse-Flash, Damien Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn in the Legion of Doom , and not only as a vision of Mick. It remains to be seen how this return will take place. The series dealing with travel in time, the Legion could take a Leonardo from an earlier era.
On his return, Wentworth Miller says . “My feeling is that if Snart back in history under its current incarnation, then it must be bad For now, he has not finished his first adventure of Legends season Of Tomorrow, so when we meet him again – depending on whether we’re in 2017 or not – I guess he’ll be like when we met him in the first season of The Flash. that means that I will be in a story arc where my character will be completely different ” . So it’s a reversal of situation we’ll be seeing since in the first season, Mick was not happy with Snart’s heroic tendencies. Now Cold will see his former working partner in crime on the side of a group of heroes, which should provide some tension between the two characters.
In this regard, Wentworth said, “I think he will be disappointed I also think that some of that disappointment comes from seeing his former accomplice, a hardened criminal, show a softer look and more heroic, because. it could mean to Snart that he too is capable of showing such an attitude. I look forward to attending this interaction . ” Also, at his death, Leonard Snart not only left Heat Wave behind him. Indeed, shortly before his death, and Sara shared her a tender moment . “I am also pleased many discover what the writers have in store for Snart Canary and White. There’s a kiss, which remembers White Canary, but not Snart .” Finally, the actor admits he does not know much about the Legion of Doom, but he does not believe that Snart easily ally since Cold to them has always been a leader: “What I can tell you Is that Snart is not used to receiving orders, he does not work as a team, it was certainly his first group story in the first season of Legends, so I expect fireworks . I look forward to it . ” Waiting to attend this return more than expected, we dévoilions that an iconic character became recurrent in all of Arrowverse series, bringing Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow! What do you expect from the character’s return?