Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow: Episode 7, all heroes united against the Dominators in the synopsis of the 4th part of the crossover!

Cinema 19 November, 2016

While the crossover combining Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, The Flash and Arrow will be launched on 28 November, together discover the synopsis of the last part of this very special episode!

arrow-saison-5-the-flash-saison-2-legendsThe countdown is on! And yes meltynautes in less than two weeks we will have the pleasure of discovering the crossover event that will bring together Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl. The opportunity to see how all our favorite characters will interact together and be ruthless face extreme danger. While the editorial ‘of melty proposed to discover the face of the new policeman of Central City, which will soon appear in Season 3 of The Flash , set back on the synopsis of “Invasion”, the last part of the crossover, recently unveiled by the CW . First, know that this is in Legends of Tomorrow episode that the event will end. After following our favorite characters in National City and Central City and Star City, we will end our journey through time and space with the Legends and Waverider. When the team discovers the real plan for our world Dominators they will not hesitate a single second.
Thus, they will combine with The Flash, Green Arrow and Supergirl to destroy once and for all. Meanwhile, Martin Stein and others will find the ideal solution to put an end to the terrifying reign of Dominators but our favorite science will be distracted by a temporary aberration that created unintentionally in 1987 making the goal of Team much more difficult to achieve. as you can see, the fourth and final part of the crossover looks crazy and we are tremendously excited to finally revel in this episode as incredible as surprising. Pending further information, see our review of episode 6 of season 2 Legends of Tomorrow. What do you think of that synopsis crossover event?